Plus size 50s dresses

Zxzy Wommen 50s 60s Rockabilly Dress Audrey Hepburn Vintage Retro Swing Dresses $34.99 – $72.99BUY NOW

Babyonline Vintage Women Dresses Vintage Ball Gown Party Dress $19.99BUY NOW

Maggie Tang 50s 60s Vintage Retro Swing Rockabilly Picnic Party Dress $39.99 – $69.99BUY NOW

Modeway® Women’s 50s Vintage Rockabilly Petticoat,26" Length Net Underskirt BUY NOW

Heroecol® 50s 60s Monroe Style V Neck Vintage Retro Swing Dress BUY NOW

BI.TENCON 1950s Halter Style Vintage Polka Dot Swing Dress $34.29BUY NOW

Luouse Plus 50’s Vintage Navy Blue Polka Dot Hepburn Wide V Neck Dress $34.98 – $34.99BUY NOW

ACEVOG Vintage 1950’s Floral Spring Garden Party Picnic Dress Party Cocktail Dress $13.99 – $28.90BUY NOW

Black Pinup Lucy 50’s Dress White Polka Dot Housewife Rockabilly 6839 $54.99BUY NOW

Modeway® Women 26"Rockabilly Vintage Tulle Petticoat,50s Puffy Underskirt Slips BUY NOW

Pikulla Bunny Red Polka Dot 50s Rockabilly Swing Dress One Size 18-20-22 BUY NOW

Heroecol® 50s Hepburn Style Vintage Grid Check Retro Swing Dress BUY NOW

ILover Classic 50s Audrey Hepburn Boat Neck Black Swing Retro Vintage Dress $29.99BUY NOW

Sleeveless Cotton Rockabilly Tea Dress with Belt VL6086 (Multi-Colored) $29.57 – $33.57BUY NOW

Luouse Vintage Cherry Rockabilly Bombshell Halter Pinup Swing Women’s Dress BUY NOW

PAKULA Women’s 1950s Vintage Polka Dot Rockabilly Swing Dresses $25.99BUY NOW

Heroecol® 50s Wrap Vintage Retro Swing Dress Rockabilly Dresses BUY NOW

Yijunqing 50s Vintage Rockabilly Petticoat Tutu, 26" Length Net Underskirt $17.99 – $22.99BUY NOW

Heroecol® 50s Plaid Hepburn Style Vintage Retro Check Swing Dress BUY NOW

Babyonline Women’s 50s Vintage Rockabilly Petticoat, 25" Length Net Underskirt $11.43 – $12.70BUY NOW

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