Trixxi dresses

Trixxi Womens Juniors Lace Hi-Low Maxi Dress $19.99 – $22.99BUY NOW

Trixxi Juniors Ruched Bodice Rosette Dress $42.93BUY NOW

Trixxi Juniors Lace Three-Quarter-Sleeve Dress $14.35BUY NOW

Trixxi Juniors Printed Jacquard All Over Fit and Flare Dress $17.81BUY NOW

Trixxi Juniors Tulle and Pleather Fit and Flare Dress $35.75BUY NOW

TRIXXI Sateen Strapless Dress W/ Sequin & Beaded Waist [249147072I] $15.00BUY NOW

Trixxi Women’s Strappy Satin Pleated A Line Dress $19.99BUY NOW

Moon Soul Women A-Line Gauze Matching Plaid Dress BUY NOW

TRIXXI Sweetheart Pinstripe Sailor Dress w/ Buttons [24B4247IBI] $15.00BUY NOW

TRIXXI Stretch Strapless Sequin Front Dress w/ Banded Open Back [26B82240QI] $15.00BUY NOW

Trixxi Juniors Illusion Hi/Lo Sequin Dress $16.07 – $31.75BUY NOW

Trixxi Juniors Hi Low Dress $26.73BUY NOW

Trixxi Womens Juniors Matte Jersey Printed Maxi Dress $22.99BUY NOW

Trixxi Juniors 24C0180J2I High/Low Dress $30.10BUY NOW

TRIXXI Floral Lace Strapless Sweetheart Belted Stretch Dress [86B6704YLI] $15.00BUY NOW

TRIXXI Sweetheart Seersucker Dress w/ Floral Eyelet and Tie [2489357IBI] $15.00BUY NOW

TRIXXI One-Shoulder Snake Print Dress [26A0252QCI] $15.00BUY NOW

Trixxi Juniors Strapless Boho Chic Embroidered Aztec Green Summer Beach Dress $19.99BUY NOW

TRIXXI Strapless Satin Dress W/ Sateen & Beaded Waist [2474980F7I] $15.00BUY NOW

TRIXXI Stretch One-Shoulder Shirred Party Dress [248853027I] $15.00BUY NOW

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